HOT PINK [ S – XL ] Door | Draft Stopper | Blocker [ 2 sets ]


Provides hassle-free and instant insulation to all your doors and windows thus helping you save money on your utility bills.

It is highly effective in insulating your indoor from cold, heat, noise, insects, and dust whilst at the same time protecting your child’s toes from slamming door.

Just slid the door stopper underneath your door and it will glide smoothly together when the door is opened or closed.

Additionally, we have a few sizes and colours to best fits your door !

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Close the gaps in windows and door and do it with style.


• Comes in straight. NOT Rolled Up in the packaging.

• Guard against your toes from slamming / kicking the door.

• Block dust, cockcroach, lizards, mouse, insects, noise , fumes , odor & lights from seeping in.

• Double-sided for inside and outside protection.

• Keeps the indoor air isolated and insulated.

• It saves energy in the winter by preventing cold drafts and in the summer by keeping cold air in and hot air out.

• Fast and simple solution to reduce power usage.

• Highly durable and premium material.

• Long lasting  with excellent craftmanship.

• Fit for doors & windows from 47cm – 115cm.

• Adjustable – for shorter doors and windows , simply adjust the length of the draft stopper by trimming the foam tube in the cover.

• Cover – Machine Washable

• Comes in a few variety of colour and size.

S i z e s

S : 47cm – 64cm  |  18.5″ – 25″

M : 64cm – 84cm  |  25.2″ – 33″

L : 84cm – 102cm  | 33″ – 40.2″

XL : 102cm – 115cm  |  40.2″ – 45.3″

for door’s thickness from 1″ to 2.35″ ( 2.5cm to 6cm ) adjustable

can be custom made with any size. Convo us and we would have been more than happy to assist!

C o l o r s

cream white , nude , marigold , khaki , light pink , hot pink , grey , brown , black , light grey


C o n t e n t

1pc water ressistant fabric cover
4pcs industrial grade foam tube ( straight )
One End open and Closes with Velcro


W a s h i n g    I n s t r u c t i o n s

  • Remove tubes from cover.
  • Machine wash.




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